Rodent Control Plano TX

If you’re having problems with rats, mice, or other rodents,  you need an experienced rodent control professional in Plano that you can  can count on to get the job done fast.
Rodents like rats and mice are not only a nuisance that cause damage to your property and scare everybody, they can also be a health risk. Your children can be in danger of getting bitten and get infected by rat-borne diseases. If you have rats or mice in your home, you need to have them removed immediately.

Those Dirty Rats!

It is estimated that rats cause more than one billion dollars of damage in the US every year. Besides the damage they do to structures, rats also contaminate food and feed sources. Scientists have found that rats can shed over a billion rat hairs and leave 25,000 droppings every year.

These disease-ridden creatures are famous for spreading the bubonic plague through fleas that they carry and a host of other diseases. With all these not-so-endearing qualities, having rodents in your home is definitely a problem.

Not Sure If You Have a Rodent Problem?

Some homeowners may not even know that they have a rat problem. Here are some of the signs that you may have these unwanted visitors.

  • Rats always travel the same paths and leave smudge marks – a buildup of dirt and oil from their fur, along with rat droppings. If you see these trails and droppings, you have a rodent problem.
  • Rats are nocturnal and can often be heard scampering up the walls and in the attic at night.
  • Rats like to gnaw on things. Keep your eyes open for chew marks on wood and electric wires.
  • Rodents have a very distinct odor. If there is a strong smell of rat, it’s a sure sign of rodent infestation.

While some of these signs may not be obvious to some people, an experienced rodent exterminator from Integra Termite and Pest Control can sniff out the problem quickly. Contact Integra –  the Plano rodent control pros that homeowners can trust to rid their home of rats, mice, or other rodents and ask for an inspection and treatment immediately. Call us at 817.498.5816 today!