Termite Control Bedford

Many Bedford area homeowners have found out the hard way what a pest termites can be. Termites consume dead plants and trees and turn them into soil. Their constant burrowing in search of food is beneficial in that the soil becomes enriched with the nutrients that these insects leave behind.
Termites become a threat as a result of the disruption of their natural source of food. When property developers clear large areas of forest in order to build homes, the termites in that area are forced to forage through the ground in order to survive. But what comes naturally to termites is very destructive for us humans.
These creatures have invaded man-made structures while searching for wood to consume. Wood happens to be one of the common materials for houses – used for support and/or aesthetic reasons.

Why You Need Bedford Termite Control

These insects are relentless when it comes to searching for food. Termites approach a house from beneath the ground to get to the wooden parts, such as:

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Door Frames
  • Practically Anything That Is Made of Wood

They have even been known to eat books and other things made of paper. Do not let a termite infestation get any worse! An infestation does not only mean these pests leave unsightly marks on anything made of wood. For houses that use wood for support, it could also mean the house or building’s structural integrity could be compromised.
Some folks believe that having a house with a concrete foundation will make them impervious to termite infestation. But the devious little termites can find the smallest cracks in concrete and then work their way to a building’s wooden parts.
Effective Bedford termite control starts with being able to recognize the telltale signs of an infestation. These insects swarm during their mating period, usually during the dry seasons. Thousands of large-winged termites may be seen all over a particular area during this time.
Integra Termite and Pest Control specializes in finding and eradicating termites throughout the Bedford area. Call us today at 817-498-5816 to help detect and address a potential termite attack!